Re: Religion

Scott R. Turner (
Wed, 26 Aug 92 21:26:51 -0700

> In the past, we have had Dr. Pain and the "Dark Prophet" and others
> who played out religious themes in their actions, their unit names,
> and their Times submissions. I see no reason to institutionalize any
> one view which might limit such creativity in the future.

I'm in favor of religion if it is implemented in a way that adds new
role-playing goals to the game. I believe that to be successful,
Olympia needs to have a variety of orthogonal goals: economic, fame,
religion, magic, etc. And while I agree that people strictly
role-playing religion is interesting, I have to think that it would be
a lot more interesting if there were game mechanics behind it. If
player thought there might really be a "Dark Prophet", their reactions
to Dr. Pain would probably have been different. That's one aspect you
simply cannot capture with pure role-playing, no matter how inspired.

Some time back I gave Rich a bunch of ideas about temples and religion
which he might want to circulate if he thinks worthwhile.

As far as player godhood goes, I thought you just got added to the
internals mailing list... :-)

-- Scott T.

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