Re: Fame & Glory

John Carr (
Thu, 20 Aug 1992 18:25 EDT

> Yes, exactly. Don't force people to play economics if they don't
> want to.

> But the problem is, if you can study a skill for free, many characters
> will send in the orders:

> study 101 1
> study 102 1
> study 103 1
> ...

I know that is what I would do. Not because I would be exploiting it, but
because I know that if I didn't everyone else would be that much further in
front of me.

> Someone claimed that most units only know one or two skills. Fine,
> then this won't be a big deal to them. And since you're only limited
> to a skill family, there are still lots of choices to make about what
> to study. But a character skilled in two separate areas would be more
> rare (the warrior-magician, for instance), not the commonplace as it
> is now in Olympia.

Here's a silly idea, instead of limiting the skill families, just make each
additional skill family tougher to advance in. Whether it be money or
increased time to advance levels in. So the first skill (Family) that a unit
learns is considered its occupation or MAIN focus in life (period). Any
additional skills (Families) are secondary (kinda like hobbies) and take longer
to perfect. This would make the warrior-mage rare, but not entirely obsolete.
Also it would make a significant difference on what skill a unit learns first.
A Warrior-mage would be very good at combat and adequate in Magic, but a Mystic
Warrior would be great at spells and adequate at combat.

> I've heard "I sorta don't like it" arguments, but nothing really
> concretely bad about this idea. I like the feel, and it allows me
> to get rid of study costs -- two benefits.

I like the idea of limiting the skill families. I feel its too easy to have a
unit that is competitive in all skills. Perhaps, not great, but nonetheless
able to perform in all skills.

> Where are all the other folks on this list?

I just got back from a day long seminar.


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