Study Skills
Wed, 19 Aug 92 19:14:02 GMT+12:00

>People sitting around just studying is BORING. What's so interesting about this

OK studying is boring. But at the lower levels of I would say that studying
would form the major part of learning until such time as the basics are
known. From there the

My proposal for a person to increase a skill level he will need to have
spent time studying the skill AND putting it to practical use. At lower
levels (1-3) the bulk of the time would be study and a small percentage
practical at higher levels (4-6/7) vice versa.

For example assume that it would take 15 days to reach level one trading.
The study side of this would be about 90% of the time (i.e. 14 days) the
practical side would be for the person to vist a market and buy/sell
something. Therefore if a person studys trading, for say three weeks, at day
14 he will be told that to reach level 1 he must vist the markets and buy
/sell some items. The remaining 7 days of study will be accumulated against
level 2.

Richard Peters

[910] Son of Wulf

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