Re: New study idea

C. Patrick Simons (
Tue, 18 Aug 92 23:42:28 CDT

> People sitting around just studying is BORING. What's so interesting about this
> activity?

Well, it's called investing time and money. SOME learning thru this method
should be possible, it;s just the very hard way of doing things. If players
really wanted to, they could solve their problems like corporations do:
Throw money at it.

---bit setting stuff deleted---

I like this, but why not combine the two?
most places where you study from app to jour to master you wind up
studying at least part of the time.

How about having someone study until they are notified that they are ready
to journey out yet again, and go get that bit?

> P.S. Here's my first pass at what would be in the bit-vector for various skills:
> Military Leadership: A bit for each group-based monster type (a group-based
> monster is things like Orcs, Savages, etc, which fight in masses)

what about players/player-controled-units?

> Combat & Archery: A bit for each different type of monster


> Trade: A bit per Marketplace

yes. very good idea.

> Weaponsmithing: A bit per artifact examined

ouch. for higher classes, maybe. lower should be after they sucessfully
make the weapon they just learned how to make.
after reaching mid-journeyman level, require the artifact-type weapons?

> General Magic: A bit per magical tome

again, ouch. for the lower level mages, it should be relatively (for mages)
easy to get the levels. Can you imagine wandering around for an entire game
year, just to reach mage level 1?
> Equestrian: A bit per plain region visited

This would happen too fast! run an equestrian guy around from plain to plain.
If the player had a decent map of his/her local area, you might wind up with
lvl-10 equ's in only 4 turns!

> Forestry: A bit per forest visited

ditto above.

> Mining: A bit per mountain region visited

ditto again, except I think mountains are a bit rarer.

> Observation: A bit per land region, only set when an EXPLORE succeeds in that
> location (10th level would only require about 30% of the bits being set)

How often do you know if an Explore succeeds? I've tried many times, nothing
has been found.

> Stealth: A bit per faction, only set after a successful STEAL from that
> faction is performed (yeah, this one may be too tough, but would liven things
> up a good deal!)

This I order to advance, don't get caught.
LOTS of dead young thieves! :^/

> Construction: A bit per guild tower, city, and mythic castle (those castles the
> game starts with)

hard to start early again.
> Shipbuilding: A bit per shipbuilding Tome & artifact (A Melnibonean Golden
> Barge, an Argonaut's diary, the figurehead off of Odyseus's ship).


-Chuck Simons
Croaker McGuillicuddy [506]

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