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Frits Kuijlman (
Wed, 12 Aug 92 18:25:12 MET DST

> That's the idea. You play the master craftsman, but not the drones who
> might be working for him.

Ok, fine by me if all the skills are concentrated in just the single
persons in the party.

One of the posters suggested that soldiers should be trained from simple
peasants to elite stormtroopers or something. I don't think we should do this.
Either we have skilled helper legions of all crafts, or we have only
braindead drones to increase production/slaughter. Just having the ability
to increase the skills of warriors legions would not be fair to the other
The only suggestion that I saw that I liked was hiring helpers of other
races. This would result in something like:
Humans can do everything at an acceptable level.
Dwarves are good at mining and smithcraft.
Elves are good at archery and the making of cloaks.
Well, you get the idea.

The following is a bit similar to another posting I saw:
Instead of trying to increase the skill of the "helper legions" produce
a management skill : the better the skill the better the helpers you hired
will perform. With no skill the helpers will work at skill 1.
The magic formula:
Management skill x, men y, craft skill z
The men will perform at skill max(1+x*10/y,z).
The maximum is in there because helpers will never outperform the craftsman.

So with no management skill your men will help you at skill level 1, even
if you have hundreds of them. They only be able to help you at tasks that
need skill level 1.
However if you have skill level 5 10 men will be able to help you at level 6.
Of course this formula needs some tuning, but it introduces a way to have
helpers perform at a higher level without having actually to train them.

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