Re: Ruins and Quests

Carl Edman (
Wed, 12 Aug 92 09:21:49 PDT

Pierre-Patrick Rosillon writes:
> I really like the idea of ruins. I think that there are not
> enough quests or special items all around in Olympia.

I agree.

> Why not providing some magic objects (wands, amulets,
> etc...) that could be nice or evil for the one who dare to
> use them ?

They exist, though there are not very many yet.

> Why not creating some dragon's lairs hiding
> treasures and old-wisdom lore sheets or some cyclops
> caverns full of fantastic weapons ?

Some of that exist too.

> That would allow some small players to accomplish herocc
> actions without needing thousands of mens armies or
> hundreds gold pieces.

Yes, that is very important, IMHO.

> What do you think about that idea ? (I don't think it's
> extremely complex to implement...)

Well, I think the point is that all what you describe already exists
but is very rare and usually quickly exploited by the people who
least need it. What I believe to be the problem is that Rich has to
create each of those special items by hand and as he has lots of
other things to do it only happens relatively rarely. And as each one
only affects one or a small number of players to many people it looks
as if those special gadgets hardly exist.

The solution which I would suggest is to automate the process and
generate some small orc invasions, plague outbreaks, ruins which can
be found via explore, minor magic items aso. every month without
human intervention. So then when Rich has a good idea on a new such
gadget, instead of adding it somewhere, he adds code which does this
at a certain frequency again and again. As each one of these items
only affect a very small number of people it is unlikely that the
same person would find the same kind of ruin twice (which would be a
bad thing).

For all I know Rich already does this, but I should guess not. Am I
right ?

Of course major elements which affect the epic plot of Olympia itself
would still have to be done by hand.

Carl Edman

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