Re: Brave New Olympia

Carl Edman (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 23:25:18 PDT

Scott Hauck writes:
> Semantics:
> TRANSFER <army> <target>
> <army> must be an army loyal to the issuing faction, and
> must be in the same province (whether they are stacked
> with you, someone else, or no-one is immaterial). Army
> ends up stacked under <target> (subject to declared
> attitudes).

This command is not necessary. Many people seem not be to aware of
that but the revised PROMOTE command allows you to do that without a
modified TRANSFER command. The semi-new PROMOTE command is quite
useful (in contrast to the old one). As a matter of fact, I believe
it is too useful in that it allows you to do quite a few things which
the Great Gods had not thought of when they changed PROMOTE. But that
is (yet) just speculation, as I've not tried some of those uses yet.

Carl Edman

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