Re: Map feel

Brian C. Hobbs (chroma!
Tue, 11 Aug 92 12:25:45 -0400

>There are other messy issues too: how many units can be in a hex at
>a time? How far can you see? Can you see over mountains, or should
>I throw in line-of-sight for good measure? Just what would a "castle"
>do in a hex system? Do I name hexes, or clusters of hexes? Ick.

If indeed you did a hex-based system, LOS would be a big factor and should be

>Let me clarify: one proposal is to make "forests" and "plains" interior
>features. These things might even be tardis-like subregions that you
>could enter and move about in. What do you think?

I like it. You should only be able to see the general parts of the location
until to get into it.

>What do you think of making castles and the like more proper "locations"
>that can be entered instead of being stacked with?

I like it, except that it would take a game "month" to move to each level of
the castle, which is quite a bit of time (or quite a big castle :)


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