Re: Map feel

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 12:35:06 EDT

Carl Edman:
> Many players ? Really ? I certainly don't for all the reasons you
> mention. Additionally it would lose flavour.

I don't really think hexes are a good idea for this sort of game.
But I wanted to see if other people thought they were, and if they
could present convincing arguments (although, since this is all feel,
it's hard to arrive at any sort of "truth").

Three (?) people on the internals list came right out and said they liked
hexes. That's "many", since each view of someone who contributes to
internals probably counts for 10% of the players.

> I don't quite understand. I thought of stacking with a castle _as_
> entering it. What is the difference ?

It's a subtle difference. Let's see ... you wouldn't necessarily be
able to see who was in the castle if you weren't in it too; size
limits would be about the same; but it would be harder to say who was
"in charge" of the castle.

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