Re: Map feel

Carl Edman (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 08:27:13 PDT

Rich writes:
> It seems many people think the current system works, but
> secretly wish for a hex-based system. I went for the
> nodal-style map because hexes seemed too "small" for a
> game with a week turnaround.

Many players ? Really ? I certainly don't for all the reasons you
mention. Additionally it would lose flavour.

> Let me clarify: one proposal is to make "forests" and
> "plains" interior features. These things might even be
> tardis-like subregions that you could enter and move
> about in. What do you think?

While I think that subfeatures are a very good idea, they probably
should only exist for sites which are smaller than one day of travel
and less than one day of travel away from the center of the region.
Once travelling between sites takes time and may hide people, you've
just re-implemented regions.

> What do you think of making castles and the like more
> proper "locations" that can be entered instead of being
> stacked with?

I don't quite understand. I thought of stacking with a castle _as_
entering it. What is the difference ?

Carl Edman

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