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Wes Jones (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 08:14:32 EDT

Scott writes:
> With a spell-toting combatant, the unit can either cast one of several
> spells, or fight normally. We currently have the choice of weapon to
> chose, but that's easily resolved by just picking the weapon that will
> do the most damage. However, in magic this isn't as simple.

This is why I proposed just one blaster spell. There's no choices and it
should work automatically anytime the magic user is involved in combat.

> First off, how do you chose between "Fireball", which does 20 points of damage
> to a unit, or "Phantom Armor" which diminises damage taken by 10%? What the
> right choice to take is depends on the creature(s) being fought - a strong
> opponent would call for the defensive spell, while a lone Orc would be better
> fried than defended against.

I would propose that the warding spells last for long time (dependent on
the level of the caster) so that a mage skilled in the spell could cast it
and have it last for several weeks (similar to the duration of haste, slow,

> 2.) I believe the magic system is slated to be moved to a multiple-school
> system.

I seem to remember this rumor also. I'm not a big fan of schools of magic.
I used to play a FRP called 'DragonQuest' which had several different
schools. This added some color to the game but there will invariably be
a best school and a wimpy school in these types of systems. I'm not
opposed to this notion, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

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