Rich's Region control

Philippe Duchon (
Tue, 28 Jul 92 4:11:58 MET DST

I won't change much to what I just said : I don't think region ownership
is consistenr with the rest of Olympia. But Rich's system is, I think,
the one with the least inconvenients. And it introduces this most
important thing : popularity.

I don't think the only way of gaining popularity should be to PERSUADE
the region, though. PERSUADE is just some money spent. I think doing
things for a region, like building roads (*), fighting the invading
orcs, or helping stop the plague should do much more. Of course, evaluating
this is pretty hard, but I don't think having regions only be PERSUADEd
will be very good.

(*) There is a funny inconsistency with road building : you can build a road
in less time than it will take a riding man to use the newly built road, and
at the end of your building, you are still at the same place. That means you
at least went to the other place and back, in nearly no time. I think
road building should take you to the other place, and the building time
should be current building time + crossing time.

Another bug is, apparently newly built roads still appear as wilderness,
although the crossing time is halved. Does this mean you can build a road
twice, and so on ?


Philippe Duchon

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