Land ownership

Philippe Duchon (
Tue, 28 Jul 92 3:59:12 MET DST

Once again, I'll have to agree with Olivier (Gossner. Salut Goss...).
I don't like land ownership at all. Let me argue about it.

In Olympia, at their beginning, player characters are nothing. Simple,
ordinary persons. Perhaps sons (or daughters) of a rather wealthy merchant,
who just decided to go out by themselves and become "faction leaders".

What is a faction leader ? For a small faction, it probably is the most
charismatic/wealthy in a group of friends, or just a guy who hired a few

Now, we are arguing about becoming rulers of quite large regions, or even
cities. How do you become such a ruler ? Usually, by being the son of the
previous ruler, or his heir. Or by being elected to the position, probably
by the most important locals (like guild leaders, rich merchants, aso).
Seizing power by force may be possible, but this kind of thing could only
happen once in decades, not several times a year.

Except if the society is described as "anarchy". No law. No tax, but what we
make (sorry). There are no stable rulers in the land.

We have to accept this: a place where, in less than 3 years (I've been around
since turn 1, and this is only turn 32), a nobody can pretend he is the ruler
of even a small town, lies in a state of anarchy. And I really believe that
in such a state, the commands we already have are enough. You can blackmail
people, ask them money for "protection". If they don't pay, you can attack
them, even hunt them. But you have no sure means of keeping them out. You are
a "ruler" only if you are respected by the local population. You have the
Times to show you are a ruler. You don't need games mechanisms for that.

OK, that's all. Come on. flame. I won't be here in the next days anyway.


Philippe Duchon

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