Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Carl Edman (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 16:35:43 PDT

O.Goss writes:
> No taxes for me please !!!
> ...
> The point is that to do this, you need money, and that
> anyone who has lots of money can be at the same time a
> provincelord, a merchant , an explorer etc... And since
> no-one can compete with these powerful players, you lose
> lots of interest in the game when you don't feel sth like
> 'the best of your kind'. Allowing provincelords to take
> taxes, if that way they can make lots of money, would be
> very bad for the game balance.

Who says that they are going to make a lot of money ? The only
concrete amount I've heard suggested so far corresponds to a maximum
of some 4,000 gold a month for total control of a city and that is
without subtracting expenses. Hardly a fortune.

OK, let me put it this way. Think of all good fantasy books which
you've ever read ... Lord of the Rings... Saberhagens Sword books
.... Dragonlance ... Eddings books aso. Now imagine what the plot
lines of these stories would be without any kings/rulers/local
barons/princes/lords/mayors/any form of government authority. Pretty
much reduced, right ? Well, that is the state in which Olympia is
right now. And without any recognition in the code for rulership, the
game will forever remain on the level of hack&slash without reaching
its true epic potential.

Carl Edman

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