Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Carl Edman (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 16:25:36 PDT

Scott Hauck says:
> This assume 1.) A castle, and only a castle, is needed to
> control an area 2.) Castles will only be built in cities.

> I disagree with each - most of the descriptions say that
> the first STRUCTURE in an area controls it, not just a
> castle. While I don't know that a "mine" makes a good seat
> of government, I think a Tower should be adequate, and
> even a house out in the boonies might do fine (not to
> mention citadels!).

I agree. Any residential building should do. Of course bigger ones
help if you want to defend yourself.

> As to #2 - I don't know about you, but I've been considering
> building a Castle out in the boonies - there are some nice
> places to set up shop that are near, but not in a Town. For
> example someone could become lord of the Wastlands in the
> Resh area, where there are large areas without towns or
> cities.

Well, there are over 250 regions and only a fraction have any
structures in them. I think we are not in danger of running out of
unstructured areas just yet. As for the Wastelands of Resh with a
tiny population you are not exactly cheating people out of large tax
revenues or a huge recruit bases.

> BTW, does this also mean that if I build a house in the woods
> for my men to huddle under, since it's the first structure
> I'm now #1 on the hit parade for opressing the peasants?

No, as long as you don't ask for any taxes or do anything else there
really is no chance of dissent. After all, against what would the
peasants be revolting ? The cruelty of your non-existant
tax-collectors ? Or the tyranical lack of imposition of restraints on
trade ?

Carl Edman

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