Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Allan Flanagan (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 17:52:15 -0400

Ah, one point on this taxation. Namely, who collects the money? Most
peasant revolts start by killing the tax collectors. You should have to
have unit(s) that are set to COLLECT TAX [%rate]. If it is too high
various things can happen: people refusing to pay SET 0 PAY TAX {max%} for
characters and computer controled for peasants, 2) attacked if antagonized
enough and the collectors are weak or 3) total revolt.

Other players should be able to PERSUADE peasants into doing rash things like
revolting. The amount of tax evaders depend on the number COLLECTing TAXes.

Evaders of taxes shouldn't be killed. (How often has that happened lately)

If the warlord is strong enough the evaders would be forced to pay or
"imprisoned" x days ie forced to work for the state. The warlord would
be able to set "punshment" for evaders. (Extra money, wendinprisonment, death)

All and all it seems that it gets quite complicated quite fast.


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