Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Scott R. Turner (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 14:19:09 -0700

> Instead of just saying that 1 man can't rule 1000 peasants, I think
> it already inherent in the situation that a 1 man won't rule 1000
> peasants for very long :-), so additional restrictions are not really
> necessary methinks.

I was thinking of the situation where someone owns the entire New
Lands. He can protect it simply by putting a large military force in
the Swamp. But realistically, if he wants to collect head taxes
throughout the rest of the land, he needs to have men out there.

> If you want to keep the Orcs out of Chardia and charge fees to the
> players there, go ahead and do it TODAY.

The game mechanisms don't exist for doing this. That's what this
discussion is all about. There isn't any way to keep someone out of
Chardia; there isn't any way to prevent someone from using a
marketplace; there isn't any way to tax the peasants in a location.

-- Scott T.

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