Re: Taxation system

Brian C. Hobbs (chroma!
Mon, 27 Jul 92 13:11:40 -0400

Carl Edman writes:
>> 2) When are taxes applied? If I buy a sword for no more than
>> x, is that before or after taxes are applied?
>They simply become part of the displayed product prices in the market report.
>You needn't really know how much of the price is tax and how much is original
>cost. You decide to buy or not on the aggregate.

Yes, but shouldn't income tax also be included in some way? For example, if
you get 50 gold from working, the unit working only gets 45 gold automatically
(assuming a 10% tax). It would be hard to enforce in the current game
mechanics how much money people would owe in income taxes, considering you
currently can't tell how much they're making.


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