Two ideas

Bill Viggers (
Mon, 27 Jul 1992 15:21:35 +1200

Rich Skrenta's message of Sun, 26 Jul:

> Idea #1: faction trees persuade system
> Given: faction trees, and tree-stealing.
> Require that PERSUADE or TERRORIZE used to raise the loyalty of your own
> units be done by the lord of the unit. Persuase or terrorize used by
> a faction member that is not the unit's lord would attempt to get the unit
> to switch allegiances to another unit within the same faction; in other
> words, it will lower the unit's overall loyalty.

Other 'lords lords' should be able to increase unit loyalty also.
That band of peasnts fixing the road are going to be right chuffed
if the high king wanders along and thanks them for their work.


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