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Rich Skrenta (
Sun, 26 Jul 92 22:20:27 EDT


I need a rating system for my ideas. At one end are the ones that
I've already half-implemented, and I throw them out to the list for
reactions, such as the "skill advancement through use" idea.
(I agree that 1/2 the rate of study may be too quick, I've made it 1/4
for now).

At the other end of the scale are ideas like the two that follow. These
are just "What if?" sorts of ideas, so don't get in a huff over them.
Just throwing them around to stimulate comments and see if there's anything
here worth investigating.

Idea #1: faction trees persuade system

Given: faction trees, and tree-stealing.

Require that PERSUADE or TERRORIZE used to raise the loyalty of your own
units be done by the lord of the unit. Persuase or terrorize used by
a faction member that is not the unit's lord would attempt to get the unit
to switch allegiances to another unit within the same faction; in other
words, it will lower the unit's overall loyalty.

I hope I explained this well enough so you can understand it. :-)

What this would do is to require unit's lords to be somewhat geographically

Idea #2: skill system doubling idea

No limits to skill levels. Each skill level takes twice as long as the
previous level to attain. Successive levels of skill double the output
or ability.

Examples: Spell preparation takes 14 days at level 1, 7 days at level 2,
3 days at 3, 1 day at level 4.

This last idea doesn't seem as good anymore as when I first thought of it,
but I'll include it anyone.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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