Re: Skill advancement through experience

Carl Edman (
Sun, 26 Jul 92 18:26:19 PDT writes (and quite rightly, too):
> As for LEARN, I think it would be interesting to limit
> where you can use LEARN, either by having to be stacked
> with a guild or library or with another unit that knows the
> skill. I find the concept of "Here I am in the Wastelands of
> Resh with no a person around for miles. Perhaps I will
> study." rather odd. The question that comes to mind is
> "how are you studying?". Did the units drag a library of
> books along or did it simply find them sitting in neat
> stacks in the desert. Not that skill advancement is a real
> problem but...

Well, my frequently proposed solution to this problem is quite
simple. Reduce the effectiveness of STUDY without a teacher by a
factor of three or four, while keeping the STUDY times with a teacher
constant (or even slightly decreasing them). Then STUDY without a
teacher would represent real research into a subject which you should
be able to do anywhere without anybodys help. After all if you have a
piece of paper and a pen, why can't you do some work on the basis of
Quantum Magodynamics if you are alone in the Wasteland of Resh ? On
the other hand it should be much harder to make something up than to
learn it from a teacher.

As a slight compensation most guild towers should be given one NPC
full time teacher each at levels 4-8.

BTW, Rich, guilds and guild towers are completely without any in-game
significance now, are they ?

Carl Edman

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