Skill advancement through experience

Bill Viggers (
Tue, 28 Jul 1992 10:16:06 +1200

Scott writes again:

Give each skill (hidden under the covers) two skill levels - the STUDY level
and the USE level. Each would be advanced as under the current scheme, with
decaying returns as you seek higher and higher levels. They would however grow
slower than currently, and have a lower cap - say that study has a mximum level
of 7, but 7 is as hard to achieve as 10 is currently. The USE level maximum
would be 3, but would take a long time. Now, the level you work at, and the
level you see in your report, is the sum of the two levels.

Hey, I *like* this. But maybe they should both be to level 5,
there is no reason why study should be able to give a better
maximum than practise. Sure study should be *faster* but
potentially more useful, no.


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