Re: Skill advancement through experience
Sun, 26 Jul 92 21:10:26 EDT

I like the idea of skill advancement via usage at 1/2 the study rate.
What I would suggest, though, is that STUDY still be used to advance
in the main skill while advancing in the sub-skill tasks be
accomplished via USEing it. In this way, the main skill level would
represent the background "book knowledge" to perform the tasks while
the sub-skill task level would represent practiced proficiency. This
would also solve the problem of what to do about skills with no USE.
There would be no problem. No USE, no sub-skills, therefore no
advancement via practice.

As for LEARN, I think it would be interesting to limit where you can use
LEARN, either by having to be stacked with a guild or library or with another
unit that knows the skill. I find the concept of "Here I am in the Wastelands
of Resh with no a person around for miles. Perhaps I will study." rather
odd. The question that comes to mind is "how are you studying?". Did the
units drag a library of books along or did it simply find them sitting in
neat stacks in the desert. Not that skill advancement is a real problem

John Morrow - Varian [856]

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