Markets And Trade
Fri, 24 Jul 92 05:22:36 -0700

In an effort to make the Trade Skill more involved.

And in an Effort to increase the complexity of Trade.

I propose : (if it isn't too difficult)

A means for LONG Distance Trading.

The first part of this scheme would require re-alignment of the Current

In a manner that Regionalized Olympia.

For instance, regarding "Alcohols" :

Drassa might produce "ALE", and have demand for "WINE"
Cnossa might produce "WINE" and have demand for "BRANDY"
and far off
West Habyn produse "Brandy" and Demand "Ale".

This would form a trade ROUTE.

Now this is overly simple. usually a route consists of different TYPES of
trade goods, not just different forms of the same good.

Still this promotes exploration to find the Produce and Demands, and makes
the TRADE skill IMPORTANT, because the high skills will find the HIGH
return Demands.

It is important to note that the goods must be regionalized so that
Cnossa demands are not filled next door. At least not large dollar return
ones. This promote Investment in Goods, and if the Demands change when
goods are delivered, and some come and go, then trade becomes a real
risky business on highly unstable goods, but remain slow and steady on the
staples of the world.

And if Ore isn't delivered to Drucartan for a few months, the price of
swords and armor might begin to rise.

All these complexities might get Trade off the ground, rather than the
"produce and sell"/work based economy that Olympia now depends on.

Not that some people don't transport armor from A to B, just that full time
thought provoking trade is not in the realms of Olympia.

-Scott Cate / Fire at Will, not at me.

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