Re: Production Values
Fri, 24 Jul 92 02:11:22 -0700

Ok, I read my "formulae" on terrain, pop, city values for Resources, and
found that I forgot the one for MONEY... sort of.

WORK should have a resource of MONEY.
Markets should have a resource of GOODS and MONEY.

When 100 horses are sold to a MARKET and none are bought, then the
Value should go down.

WHEN 100 horses are bought from a MARKET and none are sold to it, then
the VALUE should go up, and the SUPPLY should go down, so it might be
possible to try to buy more and have a "no horses available" return.


These "small" changes would also make the "buy [item] [quantity] VALUE"
fully useful because the COST would change so the VALUE would be needed
to help the buyer/seller.


Now the MONEY :

WORK designated money available per province :

Factors : Terrain? All things being equal, the only terrain mod. would be
for SEA/OCEAN to be a ZERO multipier to WORK money.

Pop : if you concider this a function of the "economy" of the area,
then YES.

So my Math engine goes....

WORK $ = (POP*25)*Terrain*[CITY/TOWN]

CITY/TOWN : City and Town as before ( 2.3 and 1.6? I think they were)
And a 0.67 modifier for lack of City or Town.

This [City/Town] modifier could also affect the return on WORK.

Say work in Drassa returns (Standard $ * [CITY+(POP/10,000)])

And Shotluth (no town) return (Standard $ * .067).

This would promote a WORK force in cities, and promote Resource activity
in the undeveloped provinces. And this is reality.

Also there would be competition for the dollars in Cities because of the
high return in Cities.


So if these changes are instituted, then the POP must be scrutinized to
adjust thinks for the overall game, and means of CHANGING population should
be implemented, but these changes should be SLOW (+/- 2-3% per month?) with
a declining return so that Drassa doesn't turn into a 1 Million POP area.


These are the continuing Voyages of the Economy of Math... (Cheap Math...)

-Scott C. / That Darc Man / Insider for the conspiracy of 5 / Other

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