Re: Limiting unit growth

O.Goss. (
Thu, 23 Jul 92 23:35:24 +0200

Well well,

I don't personnaly like much the idea of suppressing the FORM tommandto
replace it with players for hire, I'm afraid this will give more and more
advantage to powerful characters that can pay higher prices to get new units.
I don't either would like a system in which only the main character would
be able to FORM, with high price and long needed time, this player would
do this all the time which is stupid.

I'd like to inspire myself from another player's idea who said that units
shouldn't WORK all the time since workers come with in mind the idea of
having a wonderful life. Let's make things funny in the following sense:

o (I like people putting o's) Each faction should have some kind
of happiness factor (with any relation to loyalty) that would express
how they enjoy their lifes. Factions with a high HF would be naturally
joined by other people, as a low HF would mean that some of your faction's
men leave you. This HF would be high if: you travel, you are paid a lot,
you just do nothing, you can learn ? and low if: you work a lot staying
in the same town all the time just as lots are doing right now.

o Suppress the unit cost, each beginning of the month, each one
pays his factions as much as he wants, influencing their HF and LF. There
could be an IDLE for each faction representing how much they would be paid
month and per man. In any case I prefer my units to be paid at the beginning
of the month since then they can get money from other units in the same
area to be paid. (I hope I'm clear)

o last point was about new men, what about new units ?
Well, just allow units to split or to join. Let's say there would be a cost
for splitting, as you have to get a new faction leader.

I think such rules are good, cause you can't earn money and people at the
same time, unless you pay your men lots, in which case you don't earn lots.

Well I hope other players will like these ideas too.


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