Olympia: Production Values

Bill Viggers (Bill.Viggers@comp.vuw.ac.nz)
Thu, 23 Jul 1992 12:42:02 +1200

Rich writes:

> 2) Some players would see the above WORK mechanics and construct
> a giant UNIT, MEN and MONEY making machine. They would see
> how big they could get, and might stomp some people for fun
> along the way.
>We like player (1) to be happy. Player (2) is a gremlin in our machine.
>Player (2) should be able to power-game and empire-build, but at a rate
>of 5-10%/turn. Not 30%/turn.

Currently the way to counter this is maintance costs. They are
calculated on a per unit basis, with increasing cost for increase
in skills and cash on hand (and maybe earnings, but I'm not sure).
Yet, this is one of the things your thinking of killing. Maybe
an extra 'faction maintance cost', say C * 2^units would be a good
way to limit faction growth. With C most probably < 1.

[maintance costs]
> Can be modeled in other, better ways, such as by having
> weapons and armor break in battle, horses die, ships
> need repairs, etc.

Yes, but my large 'money making unit' keeps no equipment
(well, actually it keeps spare equipment, but essentialy
none), so this wouldnt work. It penalises war mongers,
herders (and most unfortunatly) traders.

> o Don't use money to restrict study.
> This isn't to say, "don't restrict study". But don't
> use money for it. What else could be used?
> Availability of teachers (npc or player)

This is essentialy what we had at the start. You could
only study certain things in certain places, and to
certain levels.

Drassa was magic 9, combat archer and shipbuilding each to
about 5 so far as I remember...

Actually the magicians guild has some teachers out already,
this will be especially good if you decide to make it a
viable option for earning money as well.

> Scrolls of knowlege which must be explored
> and battled for.

For learning spells, this is a great idea. Maybe great
mages should be able to pen them as well (at a large
cost in time)

> Requirements for advancement. This would be
> good, but is hard to get right. Must go on
> a quest to advance to combat level 4; must
> ride on a ship for two months to reach
> shipbulding 7.

Or even to advance to the next level, you must have used the
skill. (ie been in combat, cast a spell etc). Even if only
once, this will put a cap on most skills, fast. It means
things like jousts (for them fighters who need practical
experience, but don't want to risk getting killed), may
become common. (who remembers Rob's attempt to get a
colussem going, wayda go Rob!)

> o In Legends, money doesn't equal units and men. Legends
> starts out with gobs of NPC character units which you can
> persuade, but doesn't have anything like a FORM command.

I'd prefer to see a heavier restriction on Recruiting/Impressing
the locals. Maybe 100 per person, and you need 50 people to
impress, and health and loyalty are even lower etc.

While on the subject of loyalty, I think that units you pay
for training for should have their loyalty increased slightly,
not as much as persuade, but somewhat. This means they are
1: more difficult to persuade away (good thing)
2: reflects that you are more loyal to someone who puts you
through university and gives you a job, than someone who you
collect the dead for and never does anything for you.


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