Re: Production Values

Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 22 Jul 1992 19:06 EDT

Russell Wallace:
> Here's an idea for skill productivity values: how about each man has a
> productivity directly proportional to his skill level? Thus, suppose a city
> has 300 ENTERTAIN jobs. This would give employment to 300 people with level 1
> ENTERTAIN skill, 150 with level 2, 100 with level 3 and so on (but the total
> amount of money handed out to entertainers in each case would be the same). I
> don't think we need bother with productivity values per region, just have a
> max production for each region type, e.g. cities have 300 ENTERTAIN jobs,
> towns have 100 and everywhere else has none; plains have 100 horse-catching
> jobs, everywhere else has none, etc.

This is what I have implemented now.

> On a totally unrelated note: why in the world do we need faction building
> points or a sanctuary for newbies? Just start them somewhere like Drassa or
> Chardia where there are laws being enforced against killing people, or if you
> really feel paranoid on their behalf, make them also invisible for the first
> turn or two.

Ah, now I remember. I made newbies invisible. I don't think they are at
the moment, but there aren't any newbies at the moment anyway. :-)

There are many crazy schemes to help newbies, but giving them a pile of
gold and saying "go do it" has a simple charm. It's not clear that it's
really that big of a problem.

I'm much more worried about the turn 20 players than the turn 2 players.

But like I said, if someone can come up with a *simple* FCP mechanism
(like, one commands with a few arguments), then by all means present it.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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