production values
Tue, 21 Jul 92 20:55:20 EDT

OK: production should be limited. I have NO CLUE how to limit it. Base
gold upon number of people in the region, with the assumption that they
have a skill level of 4 or so in any one skill, pay them monthly wages.
This is free gold into the system, something I have a major problem with,
as it will devalue the unit of gold severely (cf tinymud pennies, if anyone
is familiar{ So, you have to have a set gold production value, done by
magic, assumed a mine owned by the emporer (who is the emporer?) that is
then minted very quickly into gold, and then distributed quickly to the
appropriate banks and so forth. All by magic. :).

The following has very little merit, as I see it. It is a possible soln.

I have a solution, but it involves severe changes to the Olympia philosophy
as I see it, thereby causing problems. Assuming someone somewhere is the
Emperor, who is in control of a mine or several throughout the land (this
need not be an actual unit), these mines unstackable, the emperor sends gold
via planned routes to EVERY PROVINCE in the game. I would assume the via
the fastest route available, including boats and horses, but maybe not ships.
This gold will be the financial base for each province, as the imperial
d00ds in the cities will spend this gold, and then the peasants in the cities
will get it, and then give it to the PCs and their factions. Of course, there
then results in people wishing to "MUG THE IMPERIAL GOLD SHIPMENTS!" An
easy way to get significant amounts of gold. Better make the units shipping
the gold be mighty powerful.

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