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Bill Viggers (
Wed, 22 Jul 1992 12:34:16 +1200

Bill Viggers says:
>> It should be related to the costs in learning the skill ($) and
>> time taken to learn. Say working for a full month should be
>> enough to support your self in training for 2?

How do you mean working? Do you mean using a skill, or using the WORK
command? Rich and I are of the opinion that WORK should be just above
subsistence level for a unit (e.g. in working for a month, you make
your maintenance +10%). That means that units can always "get by,"
but that if you want to really make the bucks, you're going to have to
do something with your life.

I ment work as in the sence of 'use skill'.

As to values for exact table values....

output Value of 1 unit time Max
forestry lumber 30 7 Lots
stone mining stone 80 20 unlimited
gold mining gold 1 1/32 ****
horse catching wild horses 500? 64 few
street performing gold 1 1/4 2000*level*

Forestry level 1 is required to learn cut timber, and it
takes about 15 days to get to level 1, at about 2 gold a day.
Each given I think skilled labour (level 1) should enable you
to train at say a 2:1 ratio, each unit of lumber enables 15
days training, so should take 7 days to cut.

The same analysis on stone cutting (worth 2 1/2 * lumber) would
make about 20 person days.

Gold mining requires mining level 4, which takes about 88 days
(166 gold), this should net you about eight times as much gold
as stone mining (as its a little about 8 times as hard to learn),
thus 16 days training for each day working, or about 32 gold per
day. This seems a lot though. There should be drasticly decreasing
returns to scale with assisting however as people will steal lots
of the gold. Assuming mines have a stacking capacity still, then
perhaps gold mining should be limited to only in mines, and
the max number of miners is the mine capacity?

Horse catching is a level 2 (35 days?) nets you a horse at a steet
value of about 500 or so. This is 250 days training, so should
take about 125 days. However as its about twice as hard to get
to level 2 as level 1 that would make it 64 person days. This
seems unreasonably high. However this is probably generous given

A riding horse goes for about 800 gold. To train one takes (about)
14 days at equestian level 4. Level four I before said before shold
net you about 8 days training per day spent working, so given that
you spend 14 days training the horse, that puts a value of about
120 or so gold on the training. This values a wild horse at about
700 gold.

This still seems unrealistic, but as I've never caught a horse

Street performing is a level 1 skill, so works out at a 4 per
day skill. The 2000* level reflects 0 = uninhabilted, 1 = wilderness,
3= town 7=city. You can add villages and large towns etc.

Well, you asked for specifics :->


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