RE: SET command

Scott (
Mon, 20 Jul 92 7:53:44 PDT

Rich proposed modifying the SET command in one of these.

Now : SET [Entity] Order ....

Proposed change

: Set order ....

This proposal disallows a Leader to SET orders for a servant.

This is currently the ONLY way to order a unit you do not own at the
beginning of a turn.

For instance :

MR Friend [900] is going to SWEAR a unit to Mr. Conspiracy [500].

[500]] can not issue orders for the SWEAR unit until next month,
even if he knows its unit number.

I oppose this SET change, unless a means are provided to issue orders
for a unit you gain during the turn.

Or that all units default IDLE orders are WORK so that at least the
un-directed unit doesn't WASTE the time, and possible desert becasue of
morale lost due to not having any money.

Actually I think the IDLE change is best...


And on the same note : What about the UNSTACK working being an order issued
to other units. IF SET was changed, then only UNSTACK wold be left to
give orders to units other than the issuing unit.... but perhaps this is
a special case that is better left alone.

-Scott Cate

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