Re: Report format.

Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 20 Jul 1992 09:09 EDT
> A few thoughts about turn report format, while reading last turn's
> report...

A big report reorganization is planned. I will post details to this
list when I get a chance.

> First, all these "Gave so much of this to XXX" followed by
> "Received n of this from YYY" are a bit too much... Could we
> have only one of them

This is work invested towards the report reorganization mentioned
above. If you grep out the per-unit views, you will like the
extra messages better.

> 1: 1393. Study military leadership at a cost of 2 gold per day for one
> 1: 1393: day.
> The dot just tells my (to be) report processor to glue those two lines
> together. And for those of you who still READ their turn reports, I
> believe it doesn't destroy the overall readability...
> (Rich: forgive me for coming back to this, I'm just trying to get popular
> help...

Not at all. You are the only one who ever asked for it. If five separate
people suggest an idea, it must be considered. But I don't know if anyone
would find use for this feature besides yourself (and any chums you lend
your tools to. :-) By all means, try to drum up support for it.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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