WAIT aso.

Carl Edman (cedman@golem.ps.uci.edu)
Sat, 18 Jul 92 16:32:46 PDT

Actually Steve has a point, even if he wouldn't have had to make it

USE "catch wild horses"

where catching wild horses has a default time of 21 wouldn't work
unless the Olympia parser is cleverer than I thought. After all, when
the USE command is executed the WAIT command hasn't been hit yet, so
one would actually catch horses for 21 days and the WAIT would be a
no-op. What you'd have to do would be:

set idle "USE "catch wild horses""

even if you only want to catch wild horses once.

BTW, can you escape quotation marks ? This can be a real problem if
you want to set idle command refering to units which haven't been
created yet and which hence need to be refered to by their name.

Carl Edman

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