Re: Comments

Steve Chapin (
Sat, 18 Jul 92 17:31:02 EST

ScottT sez:
>> * Specifying days to use a skill
>> Don't drop it. Everyone wants it/needs it, and you're just going to have
>> to put it back later :-).

I tried to think about the way I use skills. It's nice to be able to
know, a priori, that action X will complete on day N.

Thus, I propose Yet Another Wait Option, a variant of the Wait Time:

Wait UntilDay 10

Thus, instead of waiting 10 days, it waits until day 10 has passed
before acting. Thus, if I set my men to catch three horses, figuring
it will take 10 days, but it only takes 7, I can do:

use "horse-catching"
wait untilday 10

And can then happily galumph along with whatever else I wanted to do,
secure in the knowledge that the set of orders will not finish before
day 10.



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