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Joshua Kronengold (JOKHC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU)
Sat, 18 Jul 92 17:59:01 EDT

On Sat, 18 Jul 92 11:56:51 EDT you said:
>The Olympia Cafe Today's Menu of Skill Systems
> o Subskills a la carte
> o Parent/subskill
> Comes three ways:
> Parent rated for a level, subskill rated too
How about this:
The parent is rated, and denotes the general knowlege of the area. Using
the parent causes one to learn subskills (mabye if you know the number of a sub
skill, you can try to restrict your research to it) and the parent adds a
portion (half?) of its skill to use of its subskills.
The subskill is also rated, and can be learned either through use of the
parent skill, or by being taught by someone who already has the subskill.

This system has several advantages:
You can specialize easily.
You don't automatically lose the subskills if the parent gets worse.
The parent actually has a use once it's subskills are learned (which is
currently a problem with magic)
The assist problem is cleaned up, since if the assistants have the general,
they get a precentage of its skill, or they can be trained in the specific
skill by the one they are assisting.
You don't have a base chance of using a high level subskill when you get it.

Additionally, you should be able to try to use 0 level skills (though 0 in a
base skill would give you 0 chance to complete and abort, if you had 10 in
entertainment and a 0 in street mime, you would have a effective 5(or whatever)
Whadja think?
Joshua Kronengold(Milamber[543])

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