SCA Juried Merchants List: Leather

Blackwood Jewellery
A wide selection of leather belts, garters and livery collars with hand made buckles, tips and mounts..
Albion Armorers
Custom scabbards, slings, belts
Syke's Sutlering
Bandoliers, scabbards and hangers
Darkcraft's Wandering Mercantile
Custom Pouches, mostly based on Medieval Styles but sized to fit our modern needs. Most have availble celtic tooling patterns on them taken from varius sourses. I enjoy challenges and will do custom pieces with the owners coat of arms emblasoned on the belt or pouch. Also three legged camp stools which fold up for easy transport. Though I can only trace these back to the early 1700's.
Fettered Cock Pewters
We sell a variety of custom made belts in a range of historic styles.
Tattershall Arms
Sword hangers and other leathergoods
The Jelling Dragon
Belts, pouches, containers, gauntlets.
Geof the Tanner
All weights of leather from garment to armor and shoe sole, hides and furs. All leather working supplies available including tools, dyes, etc. No catalog, please contact for prices. Merchant discounts available.
Billy and Charlie's Highest Quality Pewter Goods
Pouches in the style of the late fourteenth / early fifteenth century, fitted out with pewter decorations.
Anshelm Arms and Armor
Costume acessories such as belt buckles and tips, custom-made belts, brass period forks and spoons, candle sconces for your pavilion, and more!
Leather shoes and miscellaneous leather items

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Disclaimer: Do not mistake this list for an official statement by or publication of the SCA, Inc. It is the personal opinion of Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl.) I have not verified any claim made by any merchant. However, I would like to hear if you had a bad experience with any merchant on the list, or you feel that a merchant on the list doesn't live up to the list criteria.

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