SCA Juried Merchants List: Books

Renaissance Fabrics
Various books that would be good references for period costumes
Leaves of Our Times
Actual period illuminated and calligraphed manuscript leaves.
Dance Books
Historical dance books
Syke's Sutlering
Books from the London Trayned Bandes, Stuart Press, and Osprey
"We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume!": A humorous and heartwarming look at medieval history, knighthood and life in (and around) the SCA.
Blackwood Jewellery
A limited selection of texts relating to the production and use of jewelry and accessories in period.
Albion Armorers
Medieval, bladesmithing, combat styles
The Haunted Bookshop
We specialise in books on the Medieval and Renaissance periods, British Isles, Costuming and Illumination.
Books and multimedia about Medieval icons and religious art
Historic Treatises and Manuals
Photocopies of books on Historic European Martial Arts spanning from the 13th to 20th Century
The Madrone Culinary Guild
Recipe pamphlets of medieval/renaissance cuisines
Poison Pen Press
Historical cookbooks, both transcribed originals and redacted recipes, and books discussing the history of cooking. My costume books include ones with patterns and general discussions of clothing in various periods and countries. I also stock The Tailor's Pattern Book, a facsimile of a 1589 book. I carry historical mysteries by Lindsay, Frazer, Roe, and others.
Woodland Archery
Various books on Longbows
Gaïta Medieval Music
Music and dance books.
Acanthus Books
Facsimile and unabridged reprints of antique US and UK cookbooks. Period recipe compilations.
Raymond's Quiet Press
Best of the Hammer (SCA Armoring)
Tattershall Arms
Patterns and some books on rapier combat.
Talbot's Fine Accessories
How-to booklets on a range of topics including shoemaking, jewelry construction, armouring and many more.

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