Lady Ilyana's Galliard

(An Original Choreography by Andrew Vorder Bruegge)

[ This article appeared in volume 1 of the Letter of Dance. ]

Initial arrangement of the set: Partnered couples should place themselves about the hall with partners holding inside hands facing the music. Dancers should place hands on hips unless noted otherwise. Numbers in parentheses after each section are the number of beats that that section should take.

  1. Partners take four alternating galliard steps forward, beginning left. Each dancer should turn to face his/her partner on the last beat. (24)
  2. The gentleman tosses the lady Counter-Clockwise (CCW) 180 degrees to his left side. The gentleman should hold the lady at her waist while the lady holds the gentleman's shoulders. Partners should face each other on the last beat. (6)
  3. Partners take one galliard step in place, beginning right. (6)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above. On the last beat, each dancer faces to his/her own left. (12)
  5. Each dancer takes two galliard steps forward, beginning left. (12)
  6. Each dancer turn 270 degrees CCW (3/4 turn) in place with two galliard steps, beginning left. (12)
  7. Repeat step 5 above. (12)
  8. Each dancer turns in place CCW to face his/her partner with two galliard steps, beginning left. (12)
  9. Partners take four galliard steps toward each other. As partners approach each other, they should take right hands and circle around each other Clockwise (CW) and face down the set on the last beat. Partners take inside hands on the last beat. (24)
  10. Each dancer take four galliard steps in place. These may be improvised as each dancer pleases. (24)
  11. Repeat the dance going away from the music. (144)
Repeat the dance until the music expires.


Virtually any lively galliard music is appropriate for this dance.

For the improvised steps at the end, dancers may attempt steps such as the greve, ruade (kicking like a horse), ru de vache (kicking like a cow), fleuret, joints oblique, largis oblique, croise, etc.

The toss movement is done the same as in the "Official Bransle".