Notes from a Dance Practice

by Justin du Coeur

[ This article appeared in volume 1 of the Letter of Dance. ]

Unto the good readers of the Letter of Dance, does Justin du Coeur, former Dancemaster Carolingia, send greetings! I have just recently stepped down as local dancemaster, and thought that I might share some of the ideas and opinions that I have accumulated over the past two years. The following is a bit of a ramble, presenting a few ideas and lessons learned...

(Caveat: Carolingia has a dance practice pretty much every week, and that is the environment I'm used to. The lessons here are, thus, largely aimed at groups with more-or-less regular dance practices. Your mileage may vary...)

Well, I've gone on quite long enough here. I hope that these little lessons, picked up through sometimes-painful experience, help out some of the fledgling dancemasters and dancemistresses out there. They are the heart of dance in the Society, and everything that can be done to help them seems a good investment of effort...

In Service to the Teaching of Dance,

Justin du Coeur