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Last Updated November 24, 2001 The Letter of Dance is published bimonthly or quarterly as submission-levels dictate. The Letter of Dance welcomes original articles, reviews, letters to the editor, artwork, and other submissions related from the art of Medieval and Renaissance Dance and dancing within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The audience of the Letter of Dance ranges from Dance Laurels to local dance masters and mistresses to beginning dancers, and material for different skill levels and areas of interest is most welcome. To get a sense of the type of articles which are appropriate for the Letter of Dance, please browse the back issues available on the Letter of Dance homepage ( or consult the editor. The editor reserves the right to review articles for appropriate length, subject matter, citations, and quality and to make minor changes related to spelling, punctuation, format and grammar. Any questions regarding the editorial policies of the Letter of Dance, or requests for help in adhering to them, should be addressed to the editor who will be more than happy to be of help.

Reconstructions of dances and original choreographies should include:


Please cite all sources referenced in your submission. Any academic citation format is acceptable, although MLA style ( is preferred. All submissions should include at least the title, author, publisher, and date of publication for each work discussed in footnotes, endnotes, or within the body of the article.


By submitting a manuscript for publication in the Letter of Dance, the author grants permission, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing, to publish it in three places: one issue of the Letter of Dance, the corresponding compiled volume of the Letter of Dance, and the Letter of Dance website. Copyright is retained by the author.


The Letter of Dance is produced on a Power Macintosh using Microsoft Word 98. Submissions, if possible, should be submitted on disk or via e-mail in a compatible format (I can convert most IBM Word files and some WordPerfect files, but Text is always safest). Printouts will be accepted if no other solution can be found. Graphics and artwork should be submitted either in hardcopy or a standard graphic format.

Submissions should include:

Legal Name
SCA Name and preferred title
Contact information (e-mail, phone, mailing address)
Approximately 50 word maximum biography (if desired) for full length articles

The address for submissions and questions is:


The Letter of Dance
C/O Catherine Dean
6900 Chelton Rd.
Richmond, VA 23228

Katherine Mercer,
Editor, The Letter of Dance

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