PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Rufty Tufty

Source: Playford (1651), TPB.

Setting: A square set of 2 couples (facing each other).

Version: 1.0


 1- 8  Double forward and back (towards your contrary). Repeat.


 9-16  Set and turn single, repeat.

17-18  take partner's hand, double out, turn around, switch hands,
19-20   double back,
21-22   turn single.
23-28  take contrary's hand, do the same.


 1- 8  Siding.



 1- 8  Arming.


Note: Playford's ``contrary'' is generally called a corner or opposite in modern folkdance.


Meet all a D. backe again ?u?.? That again ?u?:?
	Set and turn S. ?u?.?
		Leade your owne with the left hand to each wall, change hands,
		meet again, turn S. ?u?.? One man lead up, and the other downe,
		change hands, meet again and turne S. ?u?:?

Sides all ?u?.? That again ?u?:?
	As before ?u?.?
		As before ?u?:?

Armes all ?u?.? That again ?u?.:?
	As before ?u?.?
		As before ?u?:?


This dance is prone to many variations, perhaps because the instructions in Playford are about as sparse as the ones above, and SCAdians tend to forget things. One variation I've seen is that the first verse involves going towards your partner and back. This is rare and perhaps very wrong. The other main variations have to do with the direction of the set and turn singles. One school has the first set start out, and the second start in. One school has the first set start left, and the second set start right. Another school has all sets start left. Playford never mentions any directions for set and turn.