PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Rostiboli Gioioso

Source: 15th century Italian; Joy and Jealousy

Setting: one couple

Version: 1.0

A: (10 bars in bassadanza (6/4), played twice.)

  1-2 Ripresa left, ripresa right, (drop hands),
  3-5 Man leaves with 2 sempii (starting left), 2 doppii, ending
      with mezavolta right to face woman,
  6-7 Both ripresa left, ripresa right.
 8-10 Man returns with the same steps, (take hands).
 1-10 Repeat, with woman leaving.

B: (8 bars in bassadanza (6/4), played twice.)

11-12 Ripresa left, ripresa right, (drop hands),
13-16 Both do 2 sempii (starting on left), 3 doppii, (drop hands),
17-18 Volta del Gioioso (2 sempii to turn 360 degrees to left, ripresa right).
11-18 Repeat.

C: (8 bars in saltarello (6/8), played twice.)

19-26 (twice) 16 Saltarelli (starting left), (drop hands).

D: (8 bars in piva (6/8), played twice.)

   27 Man movimento,
   28 woman movimento,
29-30 man doppio left to leave,
   31 woman movimento,
   32 man movimento,
33-34 woman doppio left to join man.
27-34 Repeat on other foot, man still going first.

Repeat dance, with the woman doing everything first.

Disclaimer: a cheat sheet does not do justice to explaining how to properly do a 15th century Italian dance.