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Mannschaft Pavane

Source: invented by Mistress Ellen the Fair and a committee?, AS XIV? or IX?. Music taken from the soundtrack of ``The Six Wives of Henry VIII''

The music for this is a conglomeration of Turkey Loney, Stanes Morris, both from Playford, and something else.

From: ah488@dayton.wright.EDU (Patrick J. Smith)
Subject: Dance Authenticity Police
Date: 26 Sep 1994 12:33:37 -0400
Message-ID: <>

The Mannschaft was originally created by Mistress Ellen the Fair after a
dance practice in the Barony of the Northwoods in about AS 9. It was first
danced about 3 AM in the lobby of Butterfield Hall, Michigan State U. The
music came from ``The six wifes of Henry VIII'' soundtrack by David Munroe
and the Early Music Consort of London. The music is a compendium of 3 pieces,
all period, orchestrated by David Munroe. The dance was created using pieces
of various dances in an attempt to create a new, SCA dance. It was entered
in an A&S competition as a modern recreation of a period style dance.

  Incidentally, the dance itself has since been seen being danced in both a
Hollywood movie and a BBC TV show.

  I remain,

       Brusten, O.L., O.P., Etc.
          (one of those who danced it at 3 AM)