PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Madam Sosilia Almain

Source: Inns of Court manuscripts. Music composed by Joseph Casazza or Alex Clark.

Setting: A processional line of couples.

Version: 1.1

A:  1- 5  Single left & right, double forward, single back.
    6-10  Repeat.

B: 11-14  Face partner, drop hands, set left & right, (slow) reverence.
   15-18  Two singles & double forward, passing right shoulders to end
          up in partner's place facing partner.
   19-22  (Fast) reverence, approach partner, embrace.

   23-34  Repeat 11-22, ending up in own place.


ij singles a duble forward one single syde
twyse ij syngles backe honour ij singles
a duble forward into eche others place honour
& embrace ij singles backe honour ij syngles
a duble into your owne place honour and

Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson Poet. 108 (c. 1570), transcribed by Wilson


Smut, smut, smut. Some of the manuscripts have an additional ``Honour'' after the embrace, but the interpretation for which Casazza composed music for does not have time for this. Note that the first 2 singles are setting steps; while the manuscript transcribed above says two singles, most of the others specify 2 setting steps. You'll see both a set and 2 single variations done in the SCA.