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Honeysuckle Almain

Source: Music by Anthony Holborne (1598), steps by Master Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis Sherman), 1993.

Setting: A processional line of couples.

Version: 1.0

Note that the steps in this dance all occur in pavane sets: single, single, double.

A:  1- 8  2 pavan sets forward starting on the left, face partner.
    9-12  Set and turn single.

   13-24  As 1-12, with left and right reversed.

B: 25-28  Face partner, hold both hands, turn in a circle clockwise with a
            pavane set starting on the left,
   29-32  circle in the opposite direction with a pavane set starting on
            the right, drop hands,
   33-36  single left back, single right back, double left forward to face
   37-38  double right forward to change places with partner, passing right

   39-52  Exactly the same as 25-38, not switching left and right.


The steps in this dance always appear in single, single, double sets, alternating feet, except for the extra double at the end of the B music (measures 37-38 and 51-52). As a result, this dance is fairly easy to remember.

Master Robyyan (Dennis Sherman) may be contacted at