PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Hermit's Bransle (Branle des Hermites)

Source: Arbeau

Setting: A line or circle of dancers

Version: 1.1

A:  1- 4  Double left, double right.
    5- 8  Repeat 1-4.

B:  9-10  Kick right, left, right, feet together, making a half turn left to
            face out,
   11-12  Cross your arms over your chest and bow your head.
           Bring your right toe to touch your left foot,
            then left toe to touch right, then right to left,
            then bring your feet together to stand normally.
   13-14   repeat 9-10, turning to face in,
   15-16   repeat 11-12


This is one of the mimed bransles, which contains ``gestures resembling those made by hermits in greeting.'' Arbeau goes on to state: ``I believe that it originally derived from some masquerade in which the young men were dressed in garments like those worn by hermits. But I do not advise you to wear such habits for fancy dress, nor to mimic the behavior of a Religious Order, because one should respect both their cloth and their persons. On this occasion, however, I shall hold my peace.''