PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

Bransle Aridan (Branle Aridan)

Source: Arbeau

Setting: A line or circle of dancers.

Version: 1.0

A:  1- 4 Double left,
    5- 7 3 kicks.
    8-14 Repeat.

B: 15-18  Double left,
   19-24  single right, left, right
   25-28  double left,
   29-30  kick left, right,
   31-34  double right,
   35-36  (double speed) double left ending with a kick,
      37  (double speed) single right,
      38  (double speed) kick left, pause.
   39-62  Repeat.


This is one of Arbeau's Mixed Branles.