PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets


Source: 15th century Italian; Joy and Jealousy

Setting: two couples, one behind the other

Version: 1.0

A: (2 bars of quadernaria (4/4) repeated 3 times, plus 2 more bars.)

  1-2 (3 times) 6 Saltarelli, starting left,
    3 saltarello left, drop hands,
    4 saltarello right, spreading out to form a square set.

B: (3 bars of quadernaria (4/4), repeated twice.)

    5 Men movimento, women movimento,
  6-7 Men 2 saltarelli (starting left) to trade places, passing
     through center and passing right shoulders.
  5-7 Repeat with women going first and trading.

C: (2 bars of quadernaria (4/4), repeated twice.)

    8 Men movimento, women movimento,
    9 Men voltatonda (starting left) (turn around)
  8-9 Repeat with women going first and turning.

D: (2 bars of quadernaria (4/4), repeated twice.)

10-11 Men do 4 pive (starting left, 2 per bar) to trade
      places, going outside the square and behind their partner.
10-11 Repeat, with women trading places.

E: (4 bars of quadernaria (4/4).)

   12 Men movimento, women movimento,
   13 repeat,
   14 Men ripresa right (towards partner, take hands),
   15 Reverenza left.

Repeat the dance, with the women going first. The first couple needs to wheel around to reform the original formation.

Disclaimer: a cheat sheet does not do justice to explaining how to properly do a 15th century Italian dance.