Project Status


Complete. I should add a pointer to the Library of Congress scan.


We skipped all the poetry, but if anyone wants to do it, I'll proof it.

I've proofread things once, but we have a second proofreading underway. Done so far: pages 15-18 and 343-391.


LoD v1: Ballo del Fiore.

LoD v3: Gloria d'Amore, La Spagnoletta, Spagnoletta Nuova.

Miklos has a yet unpublished Chiaranzana.

Del is experimenting with using a modern Italian translation program. Obviously this will require a ton of hand correction. The first output from that is on the translation page.

The other possibility for translation is to use a program which just spits out parts of speech and translations, and let a human do most of the work. I have yet to write this program.

Music transcription and re-arrangement

I have 23 transcriptions from Katrina and she says she'll do them all.


Andrew Draskóy (Miklós Sándorfia)
Greg Lindahl (Gregory Blount)
Vivian Stephens (Rosina del Bosco Chiaro)
Del Elson (Delbert von Straßburg)
Roz Howie (Elaine Llanelli)
Rachael Zavodnyik (Sybille la Chatte)
Michael Schilder (Ansfrid)
Kieran Grey
Keith & Sheila McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac & ??) [Caerthe]
Eric Praetzel ()
Richard Krajewski
Mary Railing (Urraca)
Isabel Triana
Patricia Lammerts (Huette)

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