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Adas (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 25
Al-Ghassani's Tharda (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 20
Almond Fricatellae (Italian, 15th c.), p. 47
Almond Milk (), p. 6
Alows de Beef or de Motoun (English, 15th c.), p. 54
Another Crust with Tame Creatures (Italian, 15th c.), p. 60
Another Dish: Andalusian chicken (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 34
Arbolettys (English, 15th c.), p. 90
Armored Turnips (Italian, 15th c.), p. 10
Asparagus with Meat Stuffing (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 23
Badî'i, the Remarkable Dish, The Making of (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 33
Badinjan Muhassa (Islamic, 10th c.), p. 13
Baid Masus (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 26
Baqliyya with Eggplants, Making (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 15
Barad (Eastern Islamic), p. 78
Barmakiyya, Recipe for the (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 27
Beef y-Stewed (English, 15th c.), p. 51
Blamaunger in Lenten, to Make (English, 14th c.), p. 38
Boiled Meats Ordinary (English, 17th c.), p. 57
Bourbelier of Wild Pig (French, 14th c.), p. 52
Brawn en Peuerade (English, 15th c.), p. 53
Bruet of Savoy (French, 15th c.), p. 50
Bruette Saake (English, 15th c.), p. 48
Buran (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 14
Buraniya (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 14
Byzantine Murri (Islamic, 13th c.), p. 4
Caboges (English, 15th c.), p. 9
Cameline Sauce (French, 14th c.), p. 88
Canisiones, Pastry Which They Call (Italian, 15th c.), p. 67
Capons Stwed (English, 15th c.), p. 44
Chawettys (English, 15th c.), p. 58
Cheese and Flour Cake (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 70
Cheesecakes, To Make (English, 17th c.), p. 74
Chicken with Mustard in an Earthenware Pan (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 35
Chisan (English, 15th c.), p. 37
Chopped Liver (French, 15th c.), p. 55
Chykens in Hocchee (English, 14th c.), p. 43
Cold Sage Chicken (French, 14th c.), p. 45
Conyng, Hen, or Mallard (English, 15th c.), p. 45
Cooked Dish of Lentils (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 24
Cooked Fried Chicken (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 33
Corat (English, 14th c.), p. 56
Cormarye (English, 14th c.), p. 52
Covered Tabâhajiyya [Tabahajiyya Maghmuma], Preparing (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 29
Cow's Meat (Byzantine?, 6th c.), p. 54
Creme Boylede (English, 15th c.), p. 84
Cress in Lent with Milk of Almonds (French, 14th c.), p. 7
Cretonnée of New Peas (French, 14th c.), p. 42
Crustade (English, 15th c.), p. 59
Cryspes (English, 15th c.), p. 79
Cuskynoles (English, 14th c.), p. 81
Custard Tart (Italian, 15th c.), p. 75
Custarde, To Make a (English, 16th c.), p. 75
Dafâir, Braids, The Making of (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 80
Darioles (English, 15th c.), p. 73
Dish Dictated by Abu Ishaq, Preparing the (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 17
Dish Prepared With Fried Egg Plant (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 15
Dish of Eggplant (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 16
Douce Ame (English, 14th c.), p. 48
Eggplant Pancakes, Recipe of (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 13
Egredouncye (English, 15th c.), p. 56
Excellent Boiled Salad, An (English, 17th c.), p. 12
Excellent Cake, To make an (English, 17th c.), p. 66
Excellent Small Cakes (English, 17th c.), p. 66
Flampoyntes Bake (English, 15th c.), p. 60
Flathonys (English, 15th c.), p. 73
Flaune of Almayne, A (English, 15th c.), p. 72
Flesh of Veal, The (Italian, 15th c.), p. 53
Fricassee of Whatever Meat You Wish (Italian, 15th c.), p. 45
Frictella From Apples (Italian, 15th c.), p. 78
Fried Broad Beans (Italian, 15th c.), p. 11
Fried Gourd (Italian, 15th c.), p. 9
Fritter of Milk (English, 14th c.), p. 80
Fritur + at Hatte Emeles, A (English, 14th c.), p. 76
Frumente (English, 14th c.), p. 92
Frytour Blaunched (English, 14th c.), p. 76
Frytour of Erbes (English, 14th c.), p. 76
Fuliyyah (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 24
Funges (English, 14th c.), p. 9
Fylettes en Galentyne (English, 15th c.), p. 53
Galantine for Carp (French, 14th c.), p. 37
Garlic Sauce with Walnuts or Almonds, (Italian, 15th c.), p. 89
Garlic Sauce, A More Colored (Italian, 15th c.), p. 89
Gaylede (English, 15th c.), p. 85
Gharibah (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 23
Gingerbrede (English, 14th c.), p. 64
Golden Morsels (Italian, 15th c.), p. 77
Gourd and Juice (Italian, 15th c. ), p. 8
Green Broth of Eggs and Cheese (French, 14th c.), p. 42
Green Pesen Royal (English, 15th c.), p. 10
Hais (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 64
Harisah (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 32
Herbelade (English, 15th c.), p. 59
Hippocras (French, 14th c.), p. 87
Hulwa (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 82
Ibn al-Mahdi's Maghmûm, The Recipe of (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 34
Icelandic Chicken (Mediterranean, 13th c.?), p. 43
Isfanakh Mutajjan (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 25
Iumbolls, To Make (English, 17th c.), p. 65
Jance (French, 15th c.), p. 89
Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish) (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 26
Jazariyyah (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 19
Khushkananaj (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 68
Koken van Honer (Mediterranean, 13th c.?), p. 58
Labaniyyah (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 22
Lente Frytoures (English, 15th c.), p. 77
Lenten foyles (English, 15th c.), p. 8
Lord's Salt (Mediterranean, 13th c.?), p. 93
Losenges Fryes (English, 15th c.), p. 78
Losyns (English, 14th c.), p. 91
Macrows (English, 14th c.), p. 91
Madira (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 12
Makke (English, 14th c.), p. 11
Makshufa (Eastern Islamic), p. 83
Malaches of Pork (English, 14th c.), p. 61
Malaches Whyte (English, 14th c.), p. 61
Maqluba (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 28
Maqluba al Tirrikh (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 36
Maumenye ryalle (English, 15th c.), p. 47
Mete of Cypree (English, 14th c.), p. 49
Mirause of Catelonia (Italian, 15th c.), p. 46
Moorish Chicken (Portuguese, 15th c.), p. 46
Mortress of Flesh (English, 15th c.), p. 52
Mufarraka (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 32
Murakkaba, Recipe for (Western Islamic), p. 69
Murri (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 4
Mushroom Pastries (French, 14th c.), p. 63
Mustard (French, 14th c.), p. 90
Mustard Greens (Byzantine?, 6th c.), p. 7
Muzawwara (Vegetarian Dish) (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 25
Nourroys Pies (or Lorez Pies?) (French, 14th c.), p. 63
Oysters in Bruette (English, 15th c.), p. 37
Papyns (English, 15th c.), p. 85
Perre (English, 15th c.), p. 10
Pescoddes, To Make (English, 16th c.), p. 92
Picadinho de Carne de Vaca: Beef Hash (Portuguese, 15th c.), p. 56
Pie Crust Recipes (), p. 6
Pipefarces (French, 14th c.), p. 79
Pork Doucetty (English, 15th c.), p. 58
Potage from Meat (Italian, 15th c.), p. 40
Potage of Beans Boiled (English, 14th c.), p. 41
Potage with Turnips, A (Italian, 15th c.), p. 39
Pottage with Whole Herbs (English, 17th c.), p. 57
Prince-Bisket (English, 17th c.), p. 65
Quinces in Pastry (French, 15th c.), p. 70
Raihaniya (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 18
Rapes in Potage [or Carrots or Parsnips] (English, 14th c.), p. 39
Rastons (English, 15th c.), p. 67
Rice Fricatellae (Italian, 15th c.), p. 79
Rishta (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 31
Roast Chicken (Italian, 15th c.), p. 43
Roast of Meat, A (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 21
Rutabiya (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 30
Ryschewys Closed and Fried (English, 15th c.), p. 77
Ryse of Fische Daye (English, 14th c.), p. 90
Safarjaliyya, a Dish Made With Quinces (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 21
Safarjaliyya, a Quince Dish (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 22
Saffron Broth (Italian, 15th c.), p. 41
Salma (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 31
Salt Spoken of Above, How to Make Use of the (Mediterranean, 13th c.?), p. 93
Savoury Tosted or Melted Cheese (English, 17th c.), p. 88
Sekanjabin (Islamic, modern), p. 86
Short Paest for Tarte, To Make (English, 16th c.), p. 71
Shurba (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 30
Shushbarak (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 31
Sikbaj (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 19
Soup Called Menjoire, The (French, 14th c.), p. 40
Sourdough (), p. 6
Spinach Tart (French, 14th c.), p. 62
Strawberye (English, 15th c.), p. 84
Stwed Mutton (English, 15th c.), p. 51
Sukkariyya, a Sugar Dish from the Dictation of Abu 'Ali al-Bagdadi (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 83
Syrup of Simple Sikanjabîn (Oxymel) (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 87
Syrup of Lemon (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 87
Syrup of Pomegranates (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 87
Tabâhajah from the manuscript of Yahya b. Khalid (Eastern Islamic), p. 29
Tabâhaja of Burâniyya, Preparing (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 16
Tabahayiya [#3], Another (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 28
Tart de Bry (English, 14th c.), p. 73
Tart on Ember Day (English, 15th c.), p. 61
Tarte of Beans, To Make a (English, 16th c.), p. 62
Tarte of Spinage, To Make a (English, 16th c.), p. 11
Tarte of Strawberries, A (English, 16th c.), p. 71
Tartlettes (English, 14th c.), p. 55
Tarts Owte of Lente, For (English, 15th c.), p. 63
Tharid (Eastern Islamic, 15th c.), p. 32
Torta from Gourds (Italian, 15th c.), p. 75
Torta from Red Chickpeas (Italian, 15th c.), p. 71
Torta of Herbs in the Month of May (Italian, 15th c.), p. 72
Tostee (English, 14th c.), p. 65
Tuffahiya (Eastern Islamic, 13th c.), p. 18
Tuffâhiyya (Apple Stew) with Eggplants, Preparing (Western Islamic, 13th c.) p. 17
Variants on Platina Soups (Italian, 15th c.), p. 41
Veal, Kid, or Hen in Bokenade (English, 15th c.), p. 44
Vele en Bokenade, Autre (English, 15th c.), p. 50
Vyaunde de Cyprys in Lent (English, 15th c.), p. 38
Weak Honey Drink (or Small Mead) (English, 17th c.), p. 86
White Pudding (Mediterranean, 13th c.?), p. 91
White Tharîdah of al Rashid (Eastern Islamic, 9-10th c.), p. 20
White Torta (Italian, 15th c.), p. 74
Zabarbada of Fresh Cheese (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 36
Zanzarella (Italian, 15th c.), p. 41
Zirbaya (Western Islamic, 13th c.), p. 35

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